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Amboso and Ventilazione Industriale story

The rise of our company in the field of air depuration

For over 40 years, ventilazione industriale srl has been a consolidated company in the production and construction of air purification and the gaseous effluent treatment plants. the growth and expansion of our company led to a constant development over the years, enabling us to offer increasingly effective and reliable combustion and regeneration systems



Ventilazione Industriale was set up in 1972; initially the product consisted of wood burning systems for the production of heat and air filtration systems designed for the numerous carpenter’s workshops located in the area.


The growing ecological sensitivity and the new air quality standards for the protection of health and the environment gave the impulse to broaden the company’s range of air depuration systems. in addition to the traditional dry systems (cyclones, bag/cartridge filters, static filters), the company started to produce wet systems and activated carbon filters with or without on-site carbon regeneration.


The first catalytic combustor was designed and introduced; the desire to provide customers exclusively with reliable, tried and tested systems induced ventilazione industriale to build a small pilot combustor to test their quality and efficiency; after this positive experience, thermal, catalytic and regenerative combustors were added to the company’s range of products.


On the basis of its previous experiences overseas, ventilazione industriale began its internationalization process. the Amboso brand was created for the air depuration systems put on the overseas market.

to be continued...

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